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Rand Swift

Rand Swift- Artist

Seattle, WA


Art! It's always been with me, but the journey returning to this love was a long and sometimes confusing one as I wrestled with the angels who kept opening doors that I kept trying to shut.

I was absent from a space in which I always belonged. I'm back now and touching the magic again in a place I can only describe as a 'calling'.

Art started young in me, before anyone understood what was happening and what they should do with me. I started tracing pictures that captivated my attention and then one day an epiphany came and I realized, "Why trace when I could just draw them freehand?" So, draw them I did, and did, and did.

My love of one on one creation, composition, line, shape, shadow and color began.

Fascinated by art and life from an early age, I've always engaged my creative gifts in every endeavor I have participated in including drawing, painting, sculpting, writing, teaching and motivating others to engage and explore their own created gifts.

Everything in God's creation fascinates me in both the physical and spiritual plane of existence. I am most drawn to people however, because people are the epitome of God's creation and made in God's own image and likeness. No wonder they are so fascinating.

I have a penchant for reading people and events and translating what I observe into an expression, often drawing into the depths of my own spiritual life to bring the images inside of me out into the open.

Feeling, mood and motion I hope are hallmarks of my work. Nothing is static.

There is always a message in the making...always.


Snow Against A Grey Sky by Rand Swift


The Sea of Cortez by Rand Swift


Sailboats of Bellingham Bay by Rand Swift


The Lion of Penasco by Rand Swift


Winter Fruit by Rand Swift


Snake River Mysteries by Rand Swift


Puerto Penasco at Sunrise by Rand Swift


Yellow Sailboat at Bellingham Bay by Rand Swift


Mount Hood Oregon by Rand Swift


To Stand Alone by Rand Swift


Cattails in the Pond by Rand Swift


Berries in Winter by Rand Swift


Cattails in Winter by Rand Swift


Winter Cattails by Rand Swift


Winter Berries by Rand Swift


Winter Trees Against a Snow Sky by Rand Swift


Deplorables Rising by Rand Swift